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Sea Electrical Energy Production IV(SEEP)

Technical Objectives 

The sea is a constant source of non-polluting energy and flowing water has been used since the beginning of civilization to do work. 

The original SEEP patent (# 8,424,300 ) was issued on April 23, 2013 with subsequent patent evolutions submitted in 2012 and 2013. Each evolution uses sea water to drive the proven technology of a land based Francis reaction turbine to produce electricity and seeks more reliable, less costly, environmentally friendly ways to return the water to the sea.   

The SEEP uses proven principles of gravity, the laws of energy conservation, and hydrostatics.  

The SEEP offers considerable design flexibility to provide the energy needs for a specific location. The flow of water, gallons per minute and head flow are site and turbine specific to affect the vectors of displacement, acceleration, and velocity required for the specific energy production needs.  

An initial 10 MW demonstration project on Oahu is planned to demonstrate operational gating, selective maintenance and a showcase for U.S. and international sales.   

Operational safety, marine safety, and fail-safe control for hazardous conditions such as volcanism, earthquakes and tsunami are important design considerations. The SEEP addresses these conditions and allows for gating of the device for emergency shut downs as most components  are protected against these conditions. 

SEEP does not use any fossil, nuclear, or bio-mass fuels thereby reducing environmental hazards. Strategically placed sensors are placed throughout the system for automatic operations and monitoring of all aspects. Trained technicians 24/7 will oversee the computer operations in case of an emergency.
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